[T3] Gas pedal issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 11:17:38 PST 2020

 My pedal on my 73 FI AT was missing the spring that keeps the pedal
against the roller. I bought some cheap kit probably EMPI or other imported
thing. Installed it and what happens is even though the spring does not
have much down force once I step on the gas then let off the idle hangs. I
then got a now pedal rubber from ISP West because my old one was stiff and
half of what fits under the carpet was broken off. I ordered another pedal
spring and was sent one for a bus so I used heater cable wire which is
.052" in diameter wrapped it around a smaller diameter rod so the end
result it would just slide on the pedal pivot pin.plus the cheap one only
had a few wraps and didn't fill the groove in the stock pedal pivot pin. I
didn't use the cheap pin or roller . I even removed the metal cover and
cleaned and lubed everything any where near the pedals and then some.

 On the roller arm there are 2 stops one for pedal up one for floored I
made certain this was all clean and lubed both side of the arm with oil so
it would flow down the sides and to the pin. The lever has a bit of side
play yet the roller lever and the roller wheel pin are not bent of twisted
and the ramp on the back of the pedal that contacts the roller is 90
degrees to the pedal. I also lubed the roller pin.

 All this and it does the same thing.

 I have the cable adjusted for full open throttle and fully closed, on the
back of the pedal where that C shaped ramp is the roller arm stops seem to
be the stops , the pedal floored the roller does not hit the hook on the
pedal the stops prevent this. When the pedal is up for idle the roller is
right on the peak  on the pedals ramp so with the pedal spring added it
brings the roller off that peak or just puts more pressure on it causing it
to hang. I don't feel this either pressing the pedal down by hand or foot.
When it hangs I reach down ift the pedal and it's does back to set idle
speed. I tried everything and out of frustration reached down and pulled
the spring out of the securing tab on the back of the pedal and it no
longer hangs.

 The pedal is pretty easy to push down even by hand the roller not so easy.
Either the return spring on the throttle body is weak or perhaps I need to
cut some length off the pedal spring even though it's the proper length it
does go higher than needed yet in my mind the most force would be near the
tab on the back of the pedal.

 Bentley has absolutely nothing to offer on cable adjustment of the spring.

 I can live with the spring out of the pedal tab all I need the spring for
is to keep the pin in place. I mean I've lived with no spring for years and
didn't know it.

 Any thought's , suggestions

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