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I've found that removing the tar board piece being missing isn't a problem, and keeps it from falling into the window mechanism. I haven't replaced mine since their removal. I suppose you could use some dynamat (or fatmat) to replace it.
Bob 65 Notch S with sunroof
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I took apart my doors to access the window mechanisms to get them to move
properly and discovered a few things out of the ordinary.
The thick asphaltish material used as sound deadening slumped down and fell
completely off of the panel on the left side. The plastic covering appeared
to be original. The little clip that the door card fits onto had rusted and
fell off. I pop-riveted it back on.
The right side sound deadening material was completely missing. I was
obvious that I had been in the right side before as the plastic was torn
and re-glued into position.
All of the mechanisms work well after being lubricated!
However what recommendations do folks have to use in place of the original
sound deadening material? Lots of glue left on the inside of the door.
Are the small plastic/rubber pockets that the door clips fit into in the
metal door available?
The vinyl is intact but the door card is warped both sides, so I think I'll
make a new backing from masonite.
The vinyl has obtained some bumps and twists from distortion over time. Has
anyone had luck moving the material back to position?
Thanks! Jeff '67 Sqbk
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