[T3] 73 T3 auto trans neutral Safety / back up

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 14:32:19 PDT 2021

 I took everything off to get to the switch. I was going to just bypass the
starter part  yet there really isn't room even with a short jumper trying
to tuck down next to the tunnel   and carpet  to know if  it would not
short even with insulation over it . If I cut the two red leads short and
just used a butt connector it would have . I didn't want to cut the wire.

 I removed the switch and it didn't look bad or the contact on the lever. I
just cleaned them with an electrical cleaner . I did see a small wedge of
brass on the plastic yet it was not part of the switch or lever contact.

 It was a real battle to get the 2 brush type seals to stay and even more
difficult to get the illumination bulbs back in place. I should have glued
the plastic of those seals in place because they just sit on two pegs in
holes and the one on the left where the lamp holders fit gets in the way of
the bulb holders. Maybe I should have trimmed some of that off , doesn't
seem like it would hurt anything.

 Seems the bulbs do not work , I know they did and are in place. Maybe I
knocked them loose in their sockets trying to get them in. Either that or
they are just too dim to see unless it's pitch dark. Seems like 1970 was
the first year that had these lights

 I just hope it continues to work, I can live with the lights and I sure
don't want to fight that battle again any time soon. It;s a really
difficult area to work in . I fought with it so much I didn't think to
check if the bulbs still worked. Maybe that small wedge of brass was
holding the lever contact off one of the switch contacts . It was to the
rear of the lower start in park contact and long enough to interfere with
the start in neutral contact.
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