[T3] "Reconditioned" gas tank. Re: 1973 Volkswagen Type III on eBay

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Tue Jun 29 17:49:40 PDT 2021

Can you tell me more about this problem?  

My '67 square i’ve had for a 17years now,  had a “reconditioned” gas tank when I got it.    I haven’t been using it much the last 3 years because I got stalled out on this problem.     It started  choking up,  I think fouling out the plugs, but I can’t remember for sure,  might have been restricted fuel flow?  

I do remember he said that they ran it off an external tank and it had no problems,  that I needed  new tank.    I bought a new used tank, but it’s a super rust bucket..  idk if it’s restorable. 

Sadly he has since retired.  And my DIY vw fixing is so far in my past..   maybe I can revive it and get this thing fun again.   

> On Jun 28, 2021, at 2:15 PM, Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:
> There's mention of a "reconditioned" gas tank, which gives me pause, 
> because that could mean something bad. If it's been coated inside, that 
> would require replacement to get it working right again

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