[T3] Voltage and current requirements of Cold Start Jet?

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My son bought a "spark tester" from MAC tools, as he's trying to troubleshoot his Honda. It might be something for you to be able to test for spark once you have eliminated fuel from your problem.Bob 65 Notch S w/sunroof
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Subject: [T3] Voltage and current requirements of Cold Start Jet?

Does it run on 12V? Or does the ECU feed something lower? 

I ask because a friend has a brilliant suggestion to troubleshoot Clemmie. When she quits, which she does now when warmed up, she turns over merrily but doesn't start. Not a cough or sputter... nothing. When cooled off, she will start, run poorly, but run, at least for a while. She has limped home from just a few miles away twice now, and I want tog et this DONE before the Invasion. 

So is it fuel or spark? 

He suggested spraying ether or other starting fluid into the intake. A little tough to do on a FI car, but this gave me an idea! 

One way to troubleshoot would be to hook up two manual switches in the engine bay. The first is to splice in a crank switch to the solenoid. The second is to manually trigger opening of the cold start jet with a manual switch. 

Key on, crank to no avail from the engine bay... then hit the cold start jet, and if that makes her fire, I know the problem is gas! No change? Probably ignition. She won't run well, but even a backfire and cough would tell me fuel starvation is the issue. 

So I have some spare FI harnesses from which I can harvest the 2-pin connector to the CSJ. One to ground, one temp to the coil. 

But that assumes it takes 12V, and that the current draw won't stop the coil from doing it's job. 

So does anyone know what voltage and current work the CSJ? 

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