[T3] Head lamps on left or right a idle ,turn signals lash fast.

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 21:40:54 PDT 2023

I removed the right side just to take a look since this is the side that
was hit years ago and the body shop removed that fender. I see the round to
a three way connector . I checked and have a good ground but the turn lamp
wire harness no longer has the rubber cover , I just see the wires.

 It does this on both left and right sides and only at an idle , once I
move and the voltage is back to 14 volts it all works. I read a bit less
than 12 volts when this happens. With the head lamps off there is no issue.
I charged the battery. It was a bit low after this. Most of the time even
with a fully charged battery it still does this. A year ago it didn't do
this and even now it still cranks and starts fine even with the battery at
rest reading 12.34 volts.

 No idea what changed in a year. Or maybe I just don't recall. Maybe it
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