[T3] Head lamps on left or right a idle , turn signals lash fast.

Jim Adney jadney at vwtype3.org
Sat Jul 8 09:42:17 PDT 2023

On 8 Jul 2023 at 8:30, William Jahn wrote:

> No, I never have the headlamps on in the day. I rarely drive at night. My
> wife is back in the hospital. It's a 3 mile trip . But the traffic only
> moves at 20 MPH best case and it's constant stop and go, over 50% of the
> time I'm stopped. It takes a few minutes before the voltage drops below
> 13.5 V with the lamps on. As soon as I move again it climbs right back up.

In that case, I don't see that there is a problem here.

>  As I said before I fixed the right turn lamp bulb connections which were
> all corroded because water gets in through the missing rubber tube to the
> bucket. The right side works much better . I just touched the bulbs and
> the right side flashed fast while the left didn't. This will not raise the
> battery voltage but it will at least rule out some issues that need to be
> addressed.

That rubber tube is always broken anyway, so I started sealing where it 
enters the boot with silicone sealant. If your boot is torn or missing, I might 
have a replacement, or you might be able to fabricate something or just use 
the sealant to seal up the backside of each socket.

Also, make sure the lens gasket is good and that the drain hole on the 
bottom is clear. (Isn't there a drain hole somewhere?) I have good 
replacement white foam rubber gasket material available by the foot.

I find a dental tool useful to clean off the socket contacts. Then add a bit of 
grease to prevent future corrosion. Add this to both the center contacts AND 
the grounds. Clean any grease off the glass before you run the bulbs and 
get them hot.

Jim Adney, jadney at vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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