[T3] Runs Great...but very hot... (2)

J. Jonik j_jonik at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 14:59:25 PDT 2011

Just after I sent the message below, I casually checked my oil, expecting to have to top it up a little.  No.  It was up over the line...indicating that gas is (again) getting into the engine.   That, probably, accounts for Running Hot.
  Now what?   
 Except for the novelty that the car runs great (otherwise), it's almost back to Page One.
Is it injectors? Should I just guess and get all new ones?...or start testing the spray and volume and all that?    
 Is it that unconnected Temp Sensor at Air Dist?  
  Is it...what?

This is about T 3, 71, Std shift.     ...the one that had endless Fuel 
Problems that seem to be now fixed by a hundred adjustments and tests, 
unhooking Cold Start, Changing the Control Unit and so forth.  The Temp 
Sensor in the Air Distributor is also unplugged.   If I plug it back in,
 it runs kind of rough.

It's been mostly fine for months...except
 one thing...Idle would, at any time, stay high for a while.  Then 
later, hot or just warming up, dip to low enough to flicker the oil 
light. While driving it was fine.  It never stalled.

The other day, on a hunch, I changed the Pressure Sensor...and now the idle sits right where it should...no more highs and lows.
 Does that make perfect sense?

One problem left.   After maybe 20 or so miles, highway and in town, the engine is really
 hot...hotter than it should be.

What's the list of probable reasons for the heat? (No...there's no rags in the air ducts.)
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