[T3] Addiction

Dave Hall dave at hallvw.clara.co.uk
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Timing marks shown at  

For the later markings (from '72 models), the most left is 5 ATDC, so TDC is
second from the left.
Yours with twin vac should be timed to the third from the left 5 BTDC (but
see note* about resetting idle when timing, and re-setting after).
Also, the throttle switch adjustment should be correct before doing the
timing (Bentley notes this).

Good luck!

UK VW Type 3&4 Club

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Well... 2 forward, 27 back.

Found that my car was running on 3 cylinders.  Fixed that and then went to
time the thing... 30 btdc at idle!!!  So, loosen the distributor, spun the
thing and timed it at 5btdc w/ hoses unhooked.  Put hoses on and can't get
over to 5atdc per specs for this unit.  To top it off, now that I have 4
cylinders, I have smoke out the tail pipe!  Had ZERO prior.   Grrrrr'
I am trying to leave the drivetrain stock, but this hung is ticking me off!

I have less power now than on 3 cylinders.  
I'm thinking I'm on the wrong timing mark.  This is a 4 mark pulley.  Which
is the TDC mark?  

Thanks guys!

B. Fye
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