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Thu May 7 18:42:37 PDT 2015

OK---now that I know what "turning" means, I'm sure they didn't take the
time to do it.  I did get a set of new, Brazilian drums from Bill & Steve's
in L.A.  They are not easy to find, everyone else who says they have them
is actually out of stock.

Best news is, Lloyd is back!!!  I am so happy, because he may not be
perfect, but I can trust Lloyd.  I know he's not going to rip me off, and I
can watch and learn everything that happens.  I'm going over there
tomorrow, we'll take off the wheels and see what's going on.  I'm hoping
that it may just need an adjustment and some rust removed, like you guys
say.  Lloyd said it could be anything from that, to the axles being worn
down and "bottled"?  That's what he called it---where they get ground down
by the hubs.  I hope it's not that bad.  This definitely wasn't happening
before they replaced the cylinder, so hopefully, it is just rust.  The B.
had been sitting over a month.  It's amazing to me that a small amount of
rust could cause such a big reaction in the brake pedal!

Lori & The Baroness, '71 AT SB

"I wrestled with reality for 36 years, and I'm happy to say I've finally
won out over it."
                                                  ---Elwood P. Dowd
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