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You might want to look in the Samba feedback forum to see who builds engines with quality.
The big problem, is that you're on the east coast, and most engine builders are on the west 
coast (where the parts are). I had MOFOCO build the engine that's in my Notch. It's been in 
there since 2006, and I haven't had any trouble with it. Others parts on it yes, but the engine 
itself no. Others will say others can do a better job, but I'm happy with it. The engine in my 
wife's Fastback, I rebuilt. It started from a GEX case. I had also rebuilt the engine in my old 
71 Notch that I sold. I do have a spare converted bug engine under my work bench, but it's 
for my Notch.

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Hello all,
                Well its finally time to consider a rebuild. Anyone know where I can obtain a short block consisting of just the bottom end already assembled?
No P&L or heads needed I have plenty of them I will refurbish and setup. Looking for 1600CC.

My engine was a bit tired not sure how much but I pulled a major stupid and ran it out of oil. No the oil light did not come on.
Turned out the wire was not making contact on the gauge/pressure switch sensor. Its always had a slight nock but it got much louder yesterday on the way to work.
I just checked the oil and it was just touching the tip of the dipstick and I do mean just touching. Put some oil into it and its much quieter now about where it was.
I know I have helped things along down the rebuild sooner than later path with this numbskull move. ☹

                Going to drive it the way it is for now as my other car is in transmission rebuild mode when it rains it pours 😐

Daniel Du Vall

P.S. All razing is totally called for ☹
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