[T3] Arc's sparks and missing the mark's

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I remember reading that thread. Someone used a dremel to cut the top off.
They were mainly interested in taking a dead electric AAR, and bring it back 
to life. The poster replaced the ceramic heating element in the bottom, and 
epoxied the top back on with JB Weld.
Yes, you do have to destroy it to get inside it.

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There was a thread on thesamba about taking these apart a few years ago. 
Interesting, but more work than most of us would ever want to go thru. I was 
under the impression that the steel lip that had to be uncurled was really 
thick and strong; seemed like something that would fight you all the way. I 
didn't remember that there was an adjustment inside.

I've never tried to open one. It just seemed like one of those things that you'd 
have to almost destroy to get it apart.

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