[T3] A few issues I'm trying the resolve.

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 10:27:46 PDT 2019

 I what to try to free up the AAR , it does close if I tap on it with a
wrench yet not completely , managed to rob a connector for the seat belt
light system from under the rear seat since mine never had a connector then
turn it up side down and spray carb cleaner in it to try to flush it out
also want to check the resistance of the heating coil , I realize engine
heat will close it just takes longer. I want to try to avoid taking it
apart unless all else fails. This is what keeps the idle @1300 rpm.

 The PCV valve I want to clean got some fast drying electronic cleaner that
is fast drying , leaves no residue and safe on plastic. Also since the 1/2
" ID hose's from the heads are just a slip fit with clamps that are part
fixed to the upper tin which are just holders I got some clamps to clamp
the hoses to the head pipes. Later I'll get some new hose yet still clamp
it. Also need to secure the breather box since I can move it side to side a

 I finally got the Valvoline SAE 40 oil in it was not very thick yet not
water like the Castrol 20W50 . Also finally got a response from STP on
their  STP SAE 30 and 40 they said it does contain zinc not how much yet on
the bottle it states it has anti wear additives. I'm done with multi grade
oil I just don't like the idea of how it works which is fine for newer
cars. I prefer the Valvoline racing oil which has 1400ppm zinc and does
have detergent they offer SAE 30 and 40 might mix  the regular Valvoline
since it has 820 ppm zinc and more detergent they  don't say how much more.
I may not need the extra detergent if I change the oil every 1000 miles or
once a year which is what I drive per year.  not sure if I need the extra
detergent. Valvoline lists the amount of zinc and they tell me the racing
oil has detergents they just would tell me how much less than their premium
SAE 30and 40.
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