[T3] Is it possible by unplugging the IAD or air temp sensor ?

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Sun May 12 17:47:47 PDT 2019

Which from what I've read offered 5 to 10% more fuel to air that my fuel
injectors even thought all  work might be not putting out enough fuel ?

 I did replace all 4 with new ones in 2002 and the change over time was not
gradual  as far as the issue I have. It ran fine with the old ones which
were original and didn't change when I replaced them in 2002.

 It doesn't seem likely that all 4 would become an issue and it does not
miss fire.
 I also decided to replace all the fuel hose my thinking is even though
they don't leak they are to old and if there are any leaks at all it does
seem possible even if I don't seem them air could be drawn in leaning the
mix out. I realize it's pressure yet could an unseen  leak pull in air?
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