[T3] 2056 is getting tuned

Keith Park topnotch at nycap.rr.com
Mon May 13 16:33:02 PDT 2019


Well I took the 71 on a nice road trip to PA and back with the mixture
leaned out more, and it seems to be running well and the gas mileage is

Up to something more reasonable, 18 in town and 24 on the highway and that’s
rather heavily loaded.  On the way down it was 62 and the oil temps were

Around 200 so that’s nice, heads running in the 280’s most of the time, on
the way back it was 70 and oil was up to 215-220 with the cooler on, not
sure why it was so much hotter with little change in ambient but I guess
time will tell if I can drive this on the highway on a hot day.  Heads would
occasionally get over 300 but the thermocouple Is a bit screwy with that.


Seeing AFR’s in the 14’s now with half to ¾ throttle, never doing more than
kissing 15, no detonation.


I did push a little harder on the way home, afterall, why am I NOT keeping
up with the Benz in the Hammer lane? My grin got larger but Unfortunately
the Kumhos’ now about 2/3 down Didn’t like that and I slipped another belt
in the RR and had to put the spare on halfway home.  Ordered a set of
Federals, Im done with the Kumho’s now based on all the slipped belts with
the last set, they are a great performing tire until they aren’t.  I liked
how the Federals preformed on the Crate when I was on the track at Watkins
glen with them.


I still have an issue with intermittent missing when the mixture gets lean,
especially when cold and advancing the injection timing has helped with that
a lot, but im about 15 degree’s advanced now to compensate for the cam and I
think that’s about as far as I can clearance the distributor for.  I may try
another coil, but im running a MARK 10, so I suspect the spark is not the



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