[T3] odd issue RPM hangs.

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 12:36:48 PST 2019

I removed the pertronix and went back to points, at least I can see if
there is an issue and if I remove it again I can static time it to at least
get it to start then use a timing light. With the pertronix I had a hell of
a time getting it to start after I removed the dist. I used a very old
Bosch condenser and it works fine. Had some new points made by ACDelco
which were much better than the new Bosch points I got Napa has Echlin
which are even better and I have used both before  the pertronix.

 Even though I dropped the RPM low to set the timing as Jim suggested in
one reply and set it @ 5* BTDC then brought the RPM back to 1000 in park
the timing didn't change. What I did notice was if i left the Actron timing
lights metal inductive clamp when the engine was hot around 180* F oil temp
the light  would show the timing was retarded about 3* so if I advanced it
back to 5* it was near 7.5*. I always just set the timing with the engine
just warmed up not real warmed up. Spoke to the tech at Actron and was told
heat will affect the inductive clamp and offer false readings. Later I
might get a dial back light . I did mark the pulley at 26* full mechanical
advance and it stops right there.

 It does not ping anymore and the idle no longer hangs. Plus adjusting the
MPS 3 eights turn CCW it runs much better and gets better MPG with TS1
connected I did an 8th turn  CCW then another 16th and then another 16th.
The replacement mounts made a huge difference in the vib in drive at a

 I connected the vacuum can hose and it was better yet once the engine was
hot it pinged yet when I checked the timing it was 7.5* BTDC before I
realized the heated light induction clamp was an issue and have not
connected it back since. I was only 1/2 mile from home and just was driving
slow so it would not ping until I could find out why.

 All this to say it's better now just a few bugs to work out even though
the Bosch plug wires are a few years old I need to check the resistance I
think I feel a intermittence miss once in a while at idle. I have two black
Bosch coils both read 3.4 primary and 9.68k Bosch # 0 221 102 074  VW# 311
905 115C. I shook the one and I don't hear oil so they must not be oil
filled. I had an oil filled one on a Ford and after a bit of driving the
car would lurch and jerk until I was just looking and saw the oil near the
coils clamp. I could not find any info other than the new replacement Bosch
0221 119 027 the blue one. I would think if the black ones were oil filled
I would hear it , I did read asphalt on one Bosch site description yet was
not sure what that meant.

On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 6:12 AM Jim Adney <jadney at vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 10 Oct 2019 at 11:12, William Jahn wrote:
> >  I thought that the throttle cable was binding yet even when I make sure
> > the throttle is closed the RPM does not drop back down from 1200 RPM to
> > what I set it at 1000. Now if I place the trans in drive the RPM drops
> > down to 700 before I set the timing it dropped to 800 either way once I
> > shift in the drive and back into park the idle is back to 1000 RPM.
> One thing you should probably check is to make sure the idle is below the
> point where the mech adv is starting to kick in. If you're already working
> your
> way up the advance curve, that will confuse things and might be part of
> the
> problem you're seeing.
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