[T3] Arc's sparks and missing the mark's

William Jahn willjahn975 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 22:17:46 PDT 2019

I know very little about the Mark 10. Is the coil itself perhaps the issue
maybe it can't handle the Voltage the Mark 10 provides if that's how it
works by boosting the coil voltage. All I know is that system is supposed
prevent the points from arcing assuming you still use points, if I recall
you do.

 The only thing that comes to mind if it's easy enough to do is disconnect
the Mark 10 and see what the out come of that is, just to rule it out. If I
recall the Mark 10 is supposed to saturate the coil faster something like
that. Not much help since I really have no idea.

 On my type 3 stock engine and old wiring hosed it down after it was hit by
a fire extinguisher because a shop rag fell on the stock muffler right heat
shield it started right up. I don't have boots over more than 2 injectors
yet once in a while I get a misfire after driving when I come to a stop
then it clears did this a few times even before I did all the work last

On Sun, Jun 2, 2019 at 6:30 PM Keith Park <topnotch at nycap.rr.com> wrote:

> have an occasional miss on the 2056, some of it was the injection timing
> but
> after I washed it last time it didnt start,
> no biggie as I got the coil wet and noticed it jumping from the HV wire to
> ground, dried it out and it started.  Tonight I
> decided to see how sensitive it was to moisture, sprayed the distributor
> cap
> and it didnt react, but get the coil top a little wet and Im
> jumping all the way out of the center wire to ground, about a 1" path
> Usually when I see this I think there is an open somewhere that is raising
> the voltage needed to jump the gap and it finds an easier way to do it on
> the coil, not so this time, everything checks out. So I guess at idle a
> rather high voltage is needed for a good spark.
> THis as the MARK 10 on it, so there is plenty of Umph available, but
> still... a 1" spark is preferable to jumping the .025 at the spark plug?
> even when it was dryed out pretty good Id see the occasional spark.  I
> RTV'd
> the insulator on just to see if I can make it stop but I dont recall ever
> having such a problem with the Stock T3 ignition system.
> Thoughts?  ideas?
> Keith
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